Christmas Message 2014

Peace and Goodwill to all, eh? In many countries where workers and ordinary people have been gaining financial and other freedoms through redistribution of wealth and through Humane Rights, it seems as though those with ‘wealth’, ‘privelege’ and ‘power’ are seeking to re-subjugate the masses into a compliant serfdome again. If it ISN’T my imagination, might this not be called a ‘War to Increase Poverty’? And if so, surely these ‘elites’ started it because of their all-consuming and unreasoning greed? So… War… Horseman One.

Then, there’s the recurrence of Old Diseases associated with poverty: rickets is returning to Britain, for example. Malnutrition throughout the UK is rising. In a so-called rich country-one who pioneered the eradication of such easily-preventable maladies-this is surely unacceptable? At one point, we thought AIDS would kill us all-really, we did. Now, there’s Marburg and Ebola ravaging vast areas. Could this not count as Pestilence? Horseman Two.

For years, we thought Global Warming or Climate Change in general would lead to crop failures and food shortages. This may well still happen, but… many of the ‘jobs’ created in the UK do not pay enough for people to live on. Those on Welfare are targeted for delays and stoppages to their entitled payments (whether deliberate act or simply a broken system). In the UK, and many ‘developed’ countries, the unthinkable is happening again: people are going hungry due to poverty. (An ironic and forboding event: the weekend before Xmas, some foodstore websites shut down and many ‘middle-classes’ Xmas food deliveries were cancelled).

So. Hunger. Or Famine. Horseman Three.

And finally, since 2010, there has been a rapid increase in numbers of ill and disabled people dying- either through desperate suicide or as a result of their maladies. Life expectancy in the poorer area of the UK are starting to approach levels we expected 60 years ago.

Death, my friends, walks among us. That is Horseman Four.

So Happy Armageddon, and remember… it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but soon-I guarantee you-They will come for you.

And despite what most people who notice, who care, who ARE desperately and valiantly fighting on behalf of all of us, say…



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