Brexit: The True Cost

The Referendum has been divisive. We have had a Civil War without any bullets hitting anyone. Now, ultimately, I don’t give a flying crap what people voted because it’s between them, their conscience and the ballot box. I posted warnings of the Bigger Picture and what I believe is to come, yet never sent them directly to anyone – unless already in a discussion.

Never unsolicited.


It’s called respecting someone’s choices. I could have trolled. I could have posted all kinds of material directly to people’s ‘timelines’, but I didn’t… unless a link was requested, or a discussion engaged.

If we were living in a Game Of Thrones type of ongoing series (I hear it’s popular, don’t care, never seen it), then we’d see the big picture: the sacking of a kingdom. The destruction of a sovereign state, leaving a divided and bewildered, hate-filled population. But this is real life, and there are no such things as that… Really?

The famous Murdoch quote about how Brussels ignores him? How the Press in the UK has become more rabid and right-wing over the years? Even how Saturday night TV has become… POPULIST… I can remember the days when a music combo playing on a variety show would have to encourage the audience to clap along in time… It was the way things were done: not now. The moment a beat starts, so does the clapping… NOT the done thing, people.

Even listening to vox pops on the news, people who voted Leave were shocked that it looks like it’s going to happen… HELLO!? WHAT DID YOU REALLY THINK? REALLY?

Even now, many Leave-rs are waiting for such as I to make enough fuss that… Other things happen (pretty much like the millions of hardware and software engineers who headed off The Millennium Bug: oh, it was real. They beat it for us).

But my reply is that such people should have voted Remain. Others are arguing that they did it to get at Cameron, or the Tories or… There was only one reason to vote Leave: and it was actually to LEAVE the EU (and you really don’t want my views on such excrement encrusted pucker muscles).

Having said even that, though, voting either way just did not matter. By being isolated from mainstream EU goings-on by the mainstream media for decades, with many lies planted and whispers begun, finally a figurehead emerged… And he went on to turn UK into a bigger laughing stock than Thatcher ever did. Due to the appalling treatment of people for whom the DWP has a duty of care, begun pre-coalition and continued with zeal since 2010, the UK is now under UN investigation for human rights abuses on an industrial scale and has been on the verge of being EXPELLED from EU simply because it’s sick of us.

Regardless of the result, the Tory party is already so destabilised it needs a wheelchair, and as for Labour… Forget it, man, the divisions at parliamentary level are so deep it’s on life-support.

Now, were I the head of a multinational, I would shut down my UK operations. In or Out. The calibre of staff just isn’t there, you see. All they do is bitch and moan and I have to hire Romanians and Slavs to do the work, anyway, so I might as well relocate there. After all, those post-Soviet governments are almost as corrupt as Westminster…

Because this referendum has never been about In or Out of the EU, it’s been to turn the UK back into the Sick Man Of Europe, ready to take his teeth out and give the best blowjob ever to the next ‘investor’ to blag tax breaks for our labours. It’s about destroying the last remnants of the progress we made after World War Two, and making a new feudalism.

‘In,’ there could have been safeguards, but our sovereignty has never been in question, so those would be circumvented in the same way the minimum wage was effectively abolished.

I’ve put it naïvely and inelegantly, and yes, I’m looking at the tinfoil and thinking it might be prudent to line my hats with it, but join the dots. Think about it as if it’s a Game Of Thrones type saga, and… It becomes as clear as day.

Especially when you notice that the immediate results economically have been more disastrous than anything Nigel Lawson presided over, and that politically, globally, people are pointing and laughing.

But the other cost is to ourselves. Friendships of years are broken, and family members who just wouldn’t let things lie get shut out and are lost again.

Can we rise above all this discord? Can we heal these wounds..? Yes. We won’t, though; because, you see, we are petty. We are frail, and either way we just can’t let things go.

Like my fears of a return to the little known open secret of the work camps of 1930s Britain. It happened, look it up. Then, from work camps, where else does the president take us?

Yeah, go on. Work it out. IMAGINE IT.

I dare you.

Oh, and I for one, would welcome complete political and economic integration with Europe. If you disagree, fine: you live with your choice and I’ll live with mine.


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